Uncanny X-Men #6 “Sub-Mariner Joins the Evil Mutants” 7.4.1964


The cover on this one is interesting. On it is the Sub-Mariner going after the X-Men. I know a little about him. Mostly that he was a villain for the Fantastic Four and I remember him always feeling like a semi-evil version of Aquaman. It looks like he is jumping from a giant magnet with the Brotherhood behind him, not really doing much of anything. This is a special guest issue so either the special guest are going to end up being the Fantastic Four or the special guest is only considered the Sub-Mariner.

I have also been noticing that even on the cover there is a lot of attention given to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver not being a part of the Brotherhood. This comic states that the Brotherhood, but then says “Also Featuring the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver” so eventually we need to see them really join the Brotherhood or really break it off. Or some sort of major backstory needs to be happening for the two besides just being saved by Magneto.


We open to a dinner scene. The Sub-Mariner AKA Prince Namor, is brought up by Professor X as possibly being a mutant, and how the X-Men need to find him first before the Brotherhood does.

Magneto plans on finding Sub-Mariner so he can use him to further Magneto’s plot and power. Mastermind creates a Cyclops illusion which makes Magento fire a ray gun through the illusion. The ray almost hits Scarlet Witch, who is saved by Quicksilver just in time. Magneto and Professor X astral project to the ocean floor trying to find Atlanta, Sub-Mariner’s domain. By the end of the search Professor X decides to let Magneto do the dirty work and find Sub-Mariner and he will just locate where Magneto found him.

Magneto find an angry Sub-Mariner raging about the Fantastic Four beating him in a fight with a recommendation that people read Fantastic Four #27.

In Fantastic Four #27 Sue Storm is kidnapped by the Sub-Mariner because he is trying to convince her to become his wife, but an enraged Mr. Fantastic, along with the Thing and Human Torch, rescue her.

Magento decides to trick someone else into doing his dirty work. He convinces one of the advisers from Atlantis to go to the Sub-Mariner, tell him he is a mutant, and that he should work with Magneto. He convinces Sub-Mariner that Magneto’s goals are similar enough to his, but due to Avengers #3 Sub-Mariner isn’t convinced.

Avengers #3- Avengers #2. Tales of Suspense #49. Fantastic Four Annual #1. The Sub-Mariner and the Hulk team up, but during a fight against the Avengers the Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner. He abandons the Sub-Mariner which makes the Sub-Mariner not trust surface dwellers even more.

Avengers #2- Tales of Astonish #49. The Hulk leaves the Avengers after fighting a powerful foe which makes him believe that the rest of the Avengers truly hate him.

Tales of Astonish #49- Ant-man makes a new pill that allows him to grow and become Giant-Man.

Tales of Suspense #49- After Angel’s mind become corrupted Iron Man and Angel fight. Iron Man saves Angel, who in turns tells Iron Man that if he ever needs anything to call them.

Fantastic Four Annual #1- The Sub-Mariner invades land. When driven back he kidnaps Sue Storm. This exposes his love for a human so his people abandon him.

The Sub-Mariner decides he wants to see Magneto. Magneto, fearing that Sub-Mariner won’t stay, tries to use the old honeypot technique by having the Scarlet Witch show him around the island.

The X-Men, who have been heading to the island on a wooden boat, send Angel to deliver a message to Magneto from Professor X. Magento attacks Angel, but misses, so Sub-Mariner hurls Angel all the way back to the boat. While the X-Men are forming a plan Magento uses the giant magnet to send a powerful death ray to destroy the boat. The X-Men are forced to rescue the Professor and go to Magento’s island.

A battle follows, starting with Quicksilver who is trying to stop Cyclops from destroying the giant magnet. Thanks to Jean though he is caught, although the magnet does remain undestroyed. Magneto wants to kill the whole group using the magnet, even if it means killing Quicksilver. Scarlet Witch begs him not to. Her please, although unmoving to Magneto, does cause Sub-Mariner to break the controls.

Magento turns on Sub-Mariner, deciding that Sub-Mariner will never be useful to him, so he tries to crush Sub-Mariner with pipes. When that fails Magento flees with Mastermind and Toad, leaving Scarlet Witch behind because she won’t leave without her brother. Professor X has Quicksilver in a trance. After refusing to let him go to Scarlet Witch, Sub-Mariner attacks again, but decides, when Quicksilver is freed, that he can no longer take part in the action, admitting that he finds Scarlet Witch beautiful, but that he can’t get involved with a surface dweller again.

Angered Magneto turns the death ray on Sub-Mariner, who ends up punching the seafloor so hard it causes the island to have an earthquake, destroying the death ray. Fleeing on his shit Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch run to meet him, and we are told the only way to leave the Brotherhood is by death.



Cyclops- Is now established as being the most feared X-Men by the Brotherhood.

Professor X- Can astral project himself mentally.


Magneto- Can create magnetic power blasts. Magneto can create an astral project by using the magnetism in his body.


Sub-Mariner- Prince Namor of Atlantis. Mother was a sub-mariner and father was a scientist investigating the North Pole. Has wings on feet that allow him to fly. Super strength. Can breathe underwater and above water. Loves Sue Storm. Enemy of the Fantastic Four. Said that he might be the first mutant.

New Technology:

A giant magnetic death ray.


Angel is still one of the hottest X-Men. Ever. Period. Good day, sir.

They do odd stuff to emphasize that the Beast is the smartest one there. In this comic, there was an opening dinner scene where he is reading a book simply titled “Advanced Math.” I know part of it is to say that he is intelligent, that he gets caught up in these kinds of thoughts and ideas and he can’t even bother to pull himself away from the book at the table, but at the end of the day he really comes off as almost non-believable. It almost feels like a jab to people like “hey, this is what smart people do.” I get that comics were mostly directed to a younger audience at the time, but it is still a little… odd. At least their desire to have him use the biggest words possible is a little subtler, not much, but a little more.

I was amazed at how much backstory and tie ins from other comics this comic book had. Once you started reading one you ended up having to read another. There was a point where I was about three or four comics into the editor’s feelings of what was necessary to understand the story. I did my best at trying to lay them all out for you guys in a simple and easy manner, but it was a little difficult. I think there may be more comics like this coming up. Hell, it was probably a good way back in the day to get a lot of money. If you’re able to get a lot of students/kids to buy a comic to understand a comic then there could be a lot of tie ins all over the place.

The way I did the summer for the comics that gave more information was to do a short summery (as you saw) of what the comic needed to tell us that they thought was important for the events that were involved at the time at the ended up effecting the characters. Did people need to know about Ant-man becoming Giant-man, probably not, but according to the editors it was important to know that part of the story too.


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