Uncanny X-Men #5 5.10.64 “The Angel is Trapped”

For the second time (right in a row) the Brotherhood of Mutants has made it onto the cover. Right away I see that the X-Men are coming to save Angel who is trapped behind glass. I am going with weird coloring issues on the cover still though because the Scarlet Witch is still dressed in green.

I love that the way that they are able to work random devices into the comics that run on magnetic energy. This time it was a plane as well as Asteroid M, an asteroid that orbits around Earth, and it is not the home of the Brotherhood. But really what a concept to have. A way to see the potential of space travel. Landing on the moon wouldn’t be for another five years. I know the concept of space stations and living in space wasn’t a new idea, but it is fun to think about.

The Brotherhood of Mutants are still dicks to each other. Toad still seeks approval and is becoming more annoying and kind of a dick. Mastermind still doesn’t hesitate to use his powers on his own teammates.


Character Development:


The Beast- We are confronted with the idea that Hank hates the name the beast yet again. He is intelligent and feels like the persona gets in the way of who he really is.

Cyclops- Red sunglasses.

Professor X- Intelligence is attached to powers (the implication of Hank). At the last panel he gets his powers back.

Brotherhood of Mutants:

Quicksilver- Really hates Magneto.

Scarlet Witch- Won’t let Magneto kill the X-Men

New Technology:

A jet powered by magnetic energy so it runs silently.

Asteroid M

Plot Summery:

So Professor X still seems to be without his powers. He is put to rest before Jean’s parents come to see her. When all the X-Men get changed we see the redness of Scott’s sunglasses for the first time (they have always been black). Jean’s parents leave. The Brotherhood is looking for the X-Men, but they are unable to find them. We see Asteroid M, and hear Magneto has a plan to catch the X-Men, using Toad as bait of course.

Scott is of course spending time moping about Professor X losing his powers. A mutant is seen on a track event on TV by the X-Men, who just so happen to be watching, when the crowd turns on him. The X-Men go to rescue him thinking that they’ve found a new mutant. Turns out it is Toad in disguise. The X-Men get into a brawl with the Brotherhood in a train station where Toad is captured by the X-Men and Angel is captured by the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood torture the Angel with hypnotism and sound. He is even threatened with death (which Scarlet Witch isn’t happy about).Toad, in some kind of trance to get back to Magneto, leads the X-Men to an area where he calls a ship down and goes to Asteroid M with the X-Men using the trance to follow on board. Magneto tries to kill the X-Men with all kinds of traps, which they easily dodge. Once Magneto tries to kill them though Scarlet Witch hexes the control panel, refusing to have them murdered.

After a small battle and rescuing the Angel the asteroid starts to fall apart. The X-Men do some maneuvers to save Scott and get an escape pod. When they arrive home Professor X has his powers back.


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