Uncanny X-Men #4 “The Brotherhood of Mutants” 3.4.64

This is the main villain team I’ve been waiting for- The Brotherhood of Mutants! On the cover I do see the Brotherhood hovering over the X-Men. The team looks like it is being lead by Magneto (of course), I assume that the woman in green is the Scarlet Witch (maybe there was something going on with the cover color on Marvel Unlimited or at the time of production because her outfit was red in the actual comics), Quicksilver, and I think that the little guy in the corner is supposed to be Toad. I don’t know who the guy in the green cape is supposed to be.

The team set up for the Brotherhood of Mutants is, of course, the exact foil to the X-Men. The big change up is that the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are siblings. The active members consist of four men and a woman. It is easy to say the direct relation to Scarlet Witch and Jean. There seems to be an attraction to Scarlet Witch by Mastermind, her being the only female in the group, even her red hair.

The Brotherhood is going to always have internal conflict, which I assumed was going to be a part of the Brotherhood dynamic. Evil teams always fight with one another, the good guys have arguments but essentially good along. Mastermind has no qualms in attacking his own team members who have no problem retaliating, Toad is treated like trash, Toad decides that he wants to tattle on people. They are a hot mess.

I also think the writing in this one was lazy. A lot of things seem to happen by chance. Angel just coming across the same boat. Magneto and him just don’t see each other. Professor X being suspicious of a boat that could be explained away. The whole thing seemed like a giant story of “this happened because of reasons.” It was an important read in terms of backstory for the Scarlet Witch and the Professor losing his powers, but other than that I found it annoying.


Brotherhood of Mutants

Scarlet Witch (Wanda)- She seems to be the attached to the Brotherhood of Mutants only because Magneto saved her from being killed by villagers when her hexing power was exposed. She is fierce and independent, although she doesn’t hesitate to call her brother when she feels that she is in over her head. She feels guilty knowing innocent people may be hurt. She also is willing to attack the X-Men because she thinks that they are going to try to hurt her and her brother. Has the ability to create hexs.

Mastermind- Has the ability to create hypnotic illusions. He seems to be attracted to Scarlet Witch, but doesn’t fully admit it, or only hits on her because she is the only female around, but doesn’t really mean it. At one point he even tells her that she might be good enough to marry him some day. I guess that proves he has a huge ego.

Toad- Wants to be liked so desperately. He is willing to tattle on his companions hoping that he will be liked by Magneto, who treats him like trash anyways. He is small and agile, which is the only reason I think he is called Toad, really.

Quicksilver (Pietro)- He is super protective of his sister. The only reason he seems to even be in the Brotherhood is because she stays due to her guilt. He, like the Scarlet Witch, does have a big problem killing innocent people, but he doesn’t hesitate to attack the X-Men. His power is super speed.

Magneto- Saved Wanda from being killed.


Professor X- Has lost his powers at the end of the comic.


Plot Synapsis

The Danger Room is the opening scene. The Professor is training Hank that he has to think twice before trusting a sudden means of escape. We see Bobby get melted, and finally see that he really does have a uniform under all that ice, yellow shorts with the X-Men X on the belt. He wasn’t nude after all. The X-Men have been together for one year, so they have cake.

The Brotherhood is introduced and their willingness to attack each other is shown. Magneto steals a freighter ship full of cannons (and other weapons?). The Angel sees the ship, but neither him nor Magneto sees one another, so they pass each other. The Professor is suspicious of the boat for some reason.

Magneto returns to the Brotherhood’s island where Toad rats out everyone for fighting. Magneto tries to remind people that they need to focus on the bigger picture and that their feelings don’t matter. You find out that the only reason the Scarlet Witch is in the Brotherhood is because Magneto saved her life from being attacked by angry villagers. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are never sold on “the bigger picture.”

Magneto starts to take over Santo Marco with the ship, which Professor X sees so he sends the X-Men down. Magneto fully takes over by having Mastermind create an army until Magneto can create an army from the people of Santo Marco. When the X-Men arrive they are sensed by Magneto, but know they are sensed by Magneto, but Magneto doesn’t know that they know that he senses them, and Professor X does sense the other mutants.

By setting up a divide and conquer plan, the Professor sends the team after Magneto. Beast is stopped by Toad and Mastermind. Angel outwits Quicksilver by making him run into a wall, but the Scarlet Witch is able to hex a roof on top of him. She believes this is proof that the X-Men want to destroy her and Pietro. When the Brotherhood tries to stop Cyclops they accidently refocus his energy beam on a reactor that starts to go off, so Cyclops has to push it out the building, which uses all his energy. He almost hits Iceman who has to divert the reactor away from him. Iceman saves Angel and Cyclops, who are in turn attacked by Jean Grey (who the immediately assume is Jean Grey for some reason and not Magneto). Jean had saved Beast right before he hit the ground.

The X-Men become cornered by an illusion, so Professor X has to save them. Magneto has booby trapped a door with a bomb to kill the X-Men, and a secondary nuclear bomb to kill the whole country (not sure why one bomb can’t do both). Neither Wanda nor Pietro are too keen with killing innocent people. The first bomb goes off, in which Professor X threw himself in front of the bomb in order to save the X-Men. Knowing they survived Magneto sets off the timer for the nuke. Knowing he will get in trouble, but not wanting to see that many innocent people die, Pietro disarms the nuke. He tells the X-Men that he feels his place is with the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Due to the impact of the bomb Professor X loses his powers.


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