Uncanny X-Men #3 “Beware of the Blob” 1/3/1963

I was super excited to get into this comic. The Blob! The Blob pre-brotherhood! How exciting. He is another one of the characters that, as a kid, I remember, but don’t remember any back story. But he is so recognizable to my childhood. Te best way I can put it — the Blob just kind of existed for me.

Scott Summers is finally Scott Summers. It was kind of weird how it happened though. They just kind of said Scott with no recognition that it happened. I’m not sure if Scott was always in the works, or if they decided that calling a character Slim his whole life would get old, but there is something. Scott is also seen as a constant grim character, even though the Professor thinks he should be happy because he’s the most powerful (I don’t see the connector). And we see a slight desire to not be a mutant, but to be human, am idea he is scolded for by Jean.

There is also a weird love triangle starting to develop in this comic. Jean – Cyclops- Professor X. I get the Jean and Scott line. Two older teens about the same age doing older teen stuff, but the Professor X I just find creepy. He’s a much older man (I guess I just assume since we aren’t given any character backgrounds yet) who is infatuated, or in his words in love with, this much younger female who is also a student. I don’t think the 60s was that different, but it is definitely strange (and I am not age shaming, I tend to date only older men). But there is a lot of different creepy levels to this one. This is a school for gifted youngsters, not a bar, Professor X.

I am fully on board with the whole Scott and Jean thing. He is falling for her real fast, talking about how she has his heart (ooh la la).

Beast is allergic to saw dust. Something that wasn’t picked up here, but better be picked up someplace else. If not that was some wasted panel space.

The Blob character makes a lot more sense to me. A carnival worker who doesn’t seem the brightest, but is a huge dick. He didn’t fully know he was a mutant, but knew he was different, working in a side show for a carnival. He seems unmovable once his feet are planted. Nothing can penetrate his skin. The way the professor explains it he has to will his body to do these things. He is terrible, rude, and arrogant. Once he finds out he is a mutant he is even worse. They do say he is super strong, but I don’t think I saw and example of this once, soooooo…

The super strength comment mostly stems from a door, that if he was super strong he should have been able to break it down, but instead someone has to slam him through the door in order to get out.

The first time someone didn’t want to join the X-Men.

Character Development:

New Antagonist:

  • The Blob- Rude and arrogant. He has a thing for Jean which is squashed pretty quick. Best described as a bully. Sees himself better than the X-Men. First person to deny joining the X-Men.
    • Power development- Unmovable. Thick skin. Super strength (?)(Again I have yet to see proof).


  • Scott Summers- Name changed from Slim to Scott. Constantly grim. Desire to not be a mutant because his life would be easier.
  • Beast- Allergic to saw dust.
  • Angel- Kind of a horndog.
  • Professor X- Has a thing for Jean.
    • Power development- Can sense mutants.
  • Jean Grey- Able to move things without seeing them.

New Tech

A gun that enhances the Professor’s memory wiping powers.

Plot Summery

The Professor senses a new mutant. He decides to have the X-Men walk around seeing if they can find him/her. When they finally find him he is in the middle of his side show where men try to knock him over. Scott finds him, but he is rude. It isn’t till Jean shows up and the Blob gets handsy (something Scott energy blasts him for) that he decides to go to the Mansion. He shows off his skills, but refuses to join the X-Men, something the Professor wasn’t ready for. He tries to erase the Blob’s memory but he escapes. He comes back with the carnival, who he taught different ways of subduing the members. The Professor is able to weaken there will enough, and with the help of a good memory wipe and a new tech gun he is able to save the day. The Blob is seen working at the carnival, totally unaware.


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