Uncanny X-Men #2 “No One Can Stop the Vanisher”11/2/1963

So I wasn’t sure what to expect with this comic. I’ve never heard of the Vanisher before, so I was glad a villain/character I haven’t heard  of appeared so soon. It was kind of what I wanted and expected to get when I decided to start reading the comics.

Right off the start we’re still seeing the development of powers. Beast is able to run up the wall, not climb, but run. It makes sense in the context of  how they set it up. He is able to find grooves in walls with his feet and just walk on up.

People seem really accepting of the X-Men in this one at the start of the comic. They are head over heels with Angel, they are helping save people in the streets, and everyone is just happy that they are around. I also get the angel thing (hey boo part two). I mean everyone needs a comic book crush, right? By the end of it though when they have issues taking down the Vanisher the public opinion switches so drastically that I know get why the constant public opinion shifting becomes a plot point throughout the series.

The police are also terrible. In the comic the Vanisher tells police he is going to rob the bank, they walk him there, and he holds the place up at gun point. This seems like more than enough for an arrest to me. But for some reason they decide that they need to wait till he gets the money before they can arrest him. You know, for reasons. So when he vanishes they are 100% surprised.

I don’t really get the costume. It looks like someone was trying to make him a fish character, gave up halfway through, and just kept the costume. They look like orange scales, which you can see from the cover I posted.

The biggest issue I have with this was the ending. It just seemed like a terrible thing to do to someone. Erase all their memories when it seems like he was able to just erase the part of the brain that was able to memorize how to control the power. And now this guy is going to spend time in jail for something that he isn’t going to remember that he did.

This event does show the power of Professor X as both a guide, a teacher, and as a powerful mutant. This isn’t someone I would want to cross.


New Antagonist:

  • The Vanisher-Ego maniac and all around bad guy. Has a bunch of lackeys around that are homo sapiens. He believes himself to be above humans, and doesn’t try to show it.
    • Power development- Able to transport himself with a thought.

Character and Power Development for X-Men:

  • The Beast- Honest to a fault. There is one part where he is going to hop onto the roof of a train to move faster, but he buys a ticket anyways.
    • Power Development- Able to run up walls by finding grooves in buildings.
  • Professor X
    • Power development- Able to project images and sounds onto flat surfaces like a movie. Able to erase memories.
  • Angel-
    • Power development- Becomes very tired quickly. Quick enough where the Professor is monitoring his vitals.
  • Jean Grey- Romance to Cyclopes developing.
    • Power development- Can’t carry more than her weight psychicly.
  • Cyclops- Romance towards Jean.

New Tech

A helmet that allows people to contact Professor X from long distances.

The Danger Room- I am sure that is where they were practicing before, but never said where it was that they were training.

Plot Summery

 A new mutant uses his abilities to rob a bank by vanishing. He then decides that he is going to steal gov’t secrets, and is so bold that he arrives early to tell the military that he is going to steal the secrets. A gov’t official contacts Professor X who sends the X-Men. When they are defeated public opinion of the group changes. They have a second confrontation with the Vanisher who arrives to collect his blackmail money from the gov’t (for not releasing the documents), but the only way to defeat him is to have Professor X go onto the field and erase his memory from close range.


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